Have you ever found yourself wondering about how the building and grounds that we call Christ Lutheran became what it currently is? As a new person in ministry here, I find myself pondering these kinds of things. One such incident occurred when we first visited. The first thing that struck me was the three crosses on the hill near the exit to our campus. This was one of the first things I associated with Christ Lutheran. Being that they were at the top of a small hill, I thought it quite fitting for a Lutheran church and school.

Sometimes late at night when everyone is gone and the building is quiet, a person can get a lot of work done. The setting of late night work in an empty building affords one many opportunities to consider the setting. When alone in such a setting, I often find myself taking little breaks from work to walk around the building. While walking around, I usually think about the people that built Christ Lutheran. It is during times like this that I think of the sacrifices that people in the past made to build such a place where believers can worship and send their kids to receive a Christian education. This reminds me of Matthew’s words where he states “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21, ESV). How many people past and present poured their hearts into the place we call Christ Lutheran? One can only guess, but if you pay attention, you will see them.

All of this is not to say that we should hold a building in a higher regard than we ought. After all, the church and the school is about the people. But the desks, the halls, the bricks and the mortar, they are a reminder of the dedication of many who came before us that shared the same purpose. The times have changed, but the reason that we are here is the same. Our heavenly Father who gave up his Son for us is the author and perfecter of the universe. He is at the center of what we do here. This fact is especially important for a school such as ours, for a true education must have at its center the creator. Otherwise our tendency as sinful humans is toward making the center, the created.

2 thoughts on “Treasures

  1. Keith Vieregge

    Well said! I knew many of the people who poured their time and treasure into life at Christmas Lutheran. Their focus was on the Gospel of Jesus. You honor their memory by drawing the focus of the reader to Jesus.


    1. webbnf Post author

      I have been humbled by the many people present and past that dedicated themselves to the mission of Jesus on earth here in Stevensville.



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