A Lasting Impression


CLS Class of 2016

One of the attractions to education for teachers is the potential to make a positive impact on kids in particular as well as on society in general. This is at the heart of what teachers do. Through their dedicated service, teachers daily make decisions of what is best for their students today and tomorrow. It is the hope of every good teacher that they have made a lasting positive impression on their students, an impression that will serve them the rest of their lives.

Great teachers leave a lasting impression. Ask anyone to describe the best teacher they ever had and you will likely hear about how he or she made a difference in their lives. Ask the question “why was that teacher so impactful?” and the answer will likely not be a lesson that the teacher gave, but something that is a sum of the lessons learned in their classroom. This speaks to the influence that teachers have on their students and why Christian education is so important.

There was a teacher once that made a lasting impression on his students. His lessons impacted many in a very positive way. While teaching, he never traveled more than 50 miles from his home and yet, his lessons have influenced people all around the world. His impression on his students was so great that it changed human history. Of course, the teacher of which I write is Jesus. He is the master teacher.

Jesus, the master teacher is at the center of what we do at Christ Lutheran School (CLS). His lessons extend into math, science, English, and all the courses that are taught. In addition to imparting facts and knowledge, Lutheran teachers impart wisdom from the creator of the universe. This is unmistakably different from a secular education. Our teachers have a lasting impression, one that goes on into eternity. As we look at the CLS graduating class of 2016, it is the desire of all of us that the lasting impression these students take with them is that of the master teacher, Jesus.

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