A Legacy of Truth

JN18.33Over the course of the past year I have been working with the Christ Lutheran School’s Board of Christian Education to make the community more aware of the fine jewel we have that is Christ Lutheran School (CLS). In particular, this past month I have been working with a subcommittee of the board to come up with a radio advertisement for CLS. This effort has taken a good amount of discussion and deliberation to hone down the important facts that we want to get out into the community. Also of importance has been the fact that CLS is a mission of Christ Lutheran Church, one that generations have dedicated time, talent, and treasure to support.

In an attempt to create a commercial that reflects CLS’s mission, we spent a lot of time considering the things that make Christ a school that serves the needs of the community. One aspect of Christ that stood out is its adherence to truth that has been passed down through the generations. This truth of course is rooted in God’s word that members both past and present hold as vital for everyone. This truth has served students well as they take it with them in their high school, college endeavors, and beyond.

All of this brings us back to why Christ Lutheran School is here. It is here to offer so much more than just a private school education. In addition to the excellent instruction of math, English, science, etc., CLS is here to pass on the truths of the master teacher, Jesus. It is here to enrich the lives of its students and families with time tested truths as a guide during a time in their lives when the secular world attempts to offer increasingly contrary and detrimental dogma.

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